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Sah, You Fiend

From the mind still circling within immensities captivating pressure building, and to define

Exactly, what it is, what mind connected between thoughts impressive for the songstress it

Streams for the spiders the web it gleams for the serpents the taste it bleeds for the time

It takes it needs, what within, and wherefore shall we be, the castled throw of the damsel

Collapsed the tower clean to find, within what, a dancing flame lingering the muddy boots

Take two, frolic through the meadow blue, caught all up in the ancient of days the mess it

Makes of the cats cradle played the messenger escapes through the window shattered the

Curtains all torn to tattle tales the candel knocked the pyre of books, one by one replaced

Back to the shelf you slaves you worthless words pouring from the mouth of a wicked fiend

Enveloping what is to begin again tearing at the sheets fencing the sneak theif entering in

Reverse the mindless morning dews masquarading rain like still it touched quarry dust all

Over the silver frame of the mirrored hang the perspective of the wings wrought these old

Stupid things stupid things stupid dead body hanging from the chandelier just twas' out the

Window a tear a widow wrapped in fearsome foil tuning in the minds turmoil static fuzz open

Up masked like eyes could burn the cuts golden tongued revelatory the worst story ends at

Only the best part, wherefore art does paint the portrait gory, shining opulence romantic

Relishing in it just for more just for love the quickened snuff just a bump what toad's hopper

What code of the offender to find whom offended trying to piece together a reflection in

Water moving stream-like swiftly evervascent of the roses petals drifting from atop the

Surface of the peeling wake falling through the airwaves angels create just by the reluctance

An introduction to conscious entanglement sound invasive erasing persuasive meddling

Through and through each mind the same light shines in ways perspective creating poises

Petals pulled and from the ceiling still inclined in the arms of the paradisial candled light

Tosses each to and from stems of abundances wicked thumbs wing all a flutter spoken none

Words are for poets it is the vision of blood, remember that, turning back, scuffing the match

Marking the table once made for the date where is now that candle in place back up straight

Twas' only just begun to be the chair, dost thou know it, the chair, it squeeks, the feather

Speaking languanges drippedly, freshly, too freshly to be freakishly clean, couldn't it be

Mysterious this the prayer of emptiness, couldn't it be accursed, this the dream of a working

Trough buried beneath the floor deep under the stones hidden by the carpetted, indoors

Out in the garden, things grow, isn't that something then, isn't it and in words flailing inward

Tail spread peacock'd the pistol better left better silences bitter mind instead tapping away

Times hourglass each diamond bled held up to the light of the desert red all of them all of

Them to dust again, wetter than wet the reflection splashed the water slapped the fountain

Black beneath the starlit spring time sky butterfly flowers bloom blossomed truth hideous I

In each hand the same every apple falls from the weight gravity created back when relatively

Promising up bringing ringing bells pulling the rope sways heavy the smoke lays filling up

Just a touch of the drug, just a dance of the rug, just a smear of the smattering spilled ink

Just a tear of the widow's drink it up love the endeavor turn this ship around son we are

Headed toward the tether, a mutiny!, a leather strap, slapping back slipping slowly, nail

Wrought grip to grab a tool see, measureless dawn to a skeleton pointing to the milestone

Vicious calling from the dial-tone, the serpent's head struck by the scorpions stinger, more

Accursed words to forge lightning rounds without sound the silences without silences the

Mind it rings the ears tune in where the eyes forgive the consciousness hangs from a ceiling

Pinned waiting for the victim slip feeling guilty about the nothingness clocking seconds

With the shoulders crutched breaking open the capsule hidden beneath the tongue once

Golden full of trust, hardly ever it twas' nor shall it be a murky dollop dropped in the vase

Flowers for to grow by and upon the table, destruction, complete thy own invigoration

Allow me this my one invitation my happenstance happens quickly mortal wounds immortal

Tooth plucked by a devilish hand for to be alive once more in the emptiness undefined just

Allow me this and I thy servant I thy slave I thy mistreated nuissance of a blasphemy, once

More unto the breach dear friend, one more dusk for to be reflected one more shining skip

Stones crost the surface of the lake frozen for days it was at the ingeniousness and yet it is

Accursed kisses the spine of the crooked fiend struck once more into the chair behind the

Mind within the eyes the same thing always happens at least one or more times and againe


Once more one more time whose friend is none to no one whose eyes linger slowly toward

The curtains open the lightless dew each drop suspended in the room perfectly spaced from

One to a thousand they are all aligned in perfect place, crooked, all these books what a what

Waste, toss them then all of them into the flames the burning page creates the labyrinth yet

Still caught in the maze still running still surface of the resemblance of another name lost all

Lost it all to the wind at the hand of the precipice, brought down from Heaven, back, back

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