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what is thou ist offering, what is it thou does bleed, thou mind creating offensive touch

thou art vastly beyond belief, living in the waking dream, dreaming the nightmare's sleep

walking through Death, the opposite, and meeting thyself, the thief, you have left me here

you have left me here, and no sooner than that, thou missed, nothing, thou missed nothing

and I the nothingness, I, no more than emptiness to thee, I know thou art more than this, I

thou wicked fiend, thou circumscribe the circling, thou dost do it, and thou dost thou do

the crooked laugh, the straight face, the mask in the mirror, the mask in the mirror, what

mask is it I to thee, what mask is it that, though, thou shalt see in the mirror the mask, nor

no better, thou seeth in the mask the mirror, it is a sin to be this content with nothingness,

it is a sin to see thouself the fiend, and not fall in, at once the soule and the spirit fold into

the tormented whirlpool, of selfs slain self in selves devised to slay selfs honest self, minds

turning into itself and yet, fountains out the fears, each drop a sparkling glow, every shore

line disappears when walking upon the ocean, floating upon the land, walking hand in hand

with Death, and before you know it, it ends, and when I was walking with Death, i felt the

switch in tune, a felt the circle complete itself around me, and understood it far too soon

and that was knowingness, that was wisdom, satisfied myself i did to no end, the beginning

wast so, and the end is near, and, i didnt want to leave, i didnt want to leave thee there

i know i have left thee there, i have left thee, and in my eyes i know he could see, a part

of me left the mountain there knowing, a part of me left empty, more full than before

emptiness creates somehow more space, yet leaves it open to the vast expanse of nothing

swirling masterpieces, together canst thou be, swirl the song in nautical symphony, calling

calling deeper, crawling hand and knee, praying on the floor of the ancient temple, that

all is well my friend, all is well, all is well, shalt thou go deeper into Death, thou shalt find

thyself there, thou shalt find what thou it is whom is it thou what, thou hast left me here

and I alone knowest thee so well, i alone couldst only put thy fire out as she throws more

fuel upon the fire, realize thyself to be thine own, and conceptually, the concept of alone

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