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Rings, Bells, And A Bible Belt

There must have been a spider crawling toward me

Head while I was sleeping, I woke up to Elsa next

To me kneeding the blanket next to my pillow

On the opposite side of where the spider lay dead

It looks like the kind of spider, although crushed

It would have fucked me up if twas' bitten by she

Almost like the other time recently when an even

Bigger spider crawled out of the roof of my car

When I was thinking about Lilith specifically

It dropped in front of my eyes near the windshield

And I had to pull over the car because it was

Coming for me with a vengeance almost like when

Back then at the picnic benches at a stop on the

Way, an even bigger spider, with more intention

Was on my shirt just about where, the button

Of the belly, I looked down to find it coming for me

Even faster than the spider that fell like a horse

I think Mark might have knocked it off my shirt

Caught in the eyes of eight realms aligned

Last night I dreamt I was walking out of a store

And there it is again, they were clothes walking

Without people in them, for a minute I thought

I was actually there as if I had forgotten the dream

About playing pool with my sister at the bar with

People loading guns, she was one beer too many

Thats three, the clothes walking from the store

Turned around my way and they had faces again

There were three of them, I made eye contact

One of them said, You are Hermes then Old Prince

Of Theives, I thought they were aliens and what

I felt like to be next to them coming closer to me

What is the feeling called when you know someone

The other one, he told to me, another name, and I

Almost started crying.

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