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Return of The Light Caper

I follow the step of her foot upon the stones along the trail

Where she leads none may go and where she turns the path

Onwards goes round the stone Prometheus enchained unto

She whom along the stream has taken seat in her place by the

Tree by the lake death in visions backwards head breaks once

Concentration invited by the enchanted song ringing in the ears

Beneath the mask in the desert swearing not ever too forget

Not for long heaven was in lands unknown existence whilest

Somewhere deep enveloping darkness lifts the spirits being

And in again another body one soul speaks the tongue loosens

Forever is the hidden heart grown by remembrances symphony

To dance beneath summer's sun and together beneath the moon

Long ago pasts are but a moments lucid recollection within all

Standing marching troops further down streets in written truth

The angel whispered in my ear that night the secret words

I saw her enter into my mind, brighter than light

I felt the words she spoke like wind

I long for the love of thee

I wonder what will be

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