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Return Him To Me

Start Off With A Bang Then Old Boy Dear Capitan Then the race is won and one is the race

Forever Lost Within A Day coulnd't be more common couldn't be more popular back then

Couldn't Ever Forget the way things happen now and again and sometimes isn't every day

And Forever isn't just a moment, when it was I thought I knew a thing, when was it again my

SIN and for ever into heaven's gate a footstep with a foot asleep sinks deep beneath waters

rising battlions swim to fight and vaulted heart sinking shipwise coughs up dust of skeleton

blood dropping at the thought from clouds inverted looking sky wrought made to fly and in

flying so devised to be a diabolical framework of devices curious curious more curiousities to

become what one is and which is it has it always been and in being has it always remained

within has I been I so lost in vision coulnd't remember a thing that happened wasn't paying

attention just note checked just promises just words read and spoken like air meets breath

more lucid than vivid more vivid than projected more understood before what was said was

said and more understanding more accepting more friendly than relative one plus one to

three the hidden hand holding beneath the blankets safe guarded secrets behind the back

led through the thick of it and still emptiness shines complete completeness in empty basket

at the feet the gypsy prince speaks nought words to the child king whom longing looking for

the entrance to the cave where once had been feet to chase through forested hallways leafy

greenry brush stroked thick through painted drip of colourways most hideous mix ever trying

to dye the egg black every time just a missing linksys in the temple sand there for a moment

back at it again building nothingness with empty hands the gypsy prince makes violent seas

rising waves crashing into trees lifting from roots dug deep in what was once considered to

be sand wasted timescape for space, just a distance away, just a lemon drop the taste to be

freedom is chain wrought misery pulled by the ship flowing toward magnetic north levitating

legs chained to the stone in the woody lay hands tied tight to the mast by leather straps set

in motion the contraption clicks the mechanism whirls the gears hit teeth clenched toe curl

couldn't stop the clock before the second hand moves again third realm within fourth eye

visions layered skin cut from within to bleed out blackness into space for a star lit page with

lead marked dates asterisked be forewarned at your own risk beware of the war torn flag

waving in the sky higher than a kite for magic carpets flight lifted for the gypsy prince stolen

from the cave by the child king the jewel of the first basket made from sand in the fist of

the shadow land for nought stars could join the dance of thrown said sand whirling for the

mechanism of tried and true blasphmy epiphany my revelation my happenstance my honest

look from a skeleton hand hanging by a thread with the opposite cut whats left and right

there then from behind the back in the opposite direction the sand collected from shores of

Atlantis crushed into a diamond and placed in the first basket at the beggers feet before the

flute ever even raised from the knees crossed the sign post with a heiroglyph wings lifting off

from the desert to breakthrough the hourglass lid opened for ashes renewal rising spiraling

from the table one breath in the skeleton skinned again scalped for the races one cough for

smoke one white mask returned dressed in the finest threaded death web of the eye caught

reeling of the mind seething of the smoke of the expression more lost to times dripped paint

what colour is it now babe what colour could the mind create that isn't something given from

and left at once again through the window glass shattering mirror caught diamonds angles

for angels thoughts richoceting off time continuum for a room full of bums nodding off just

to feel something just to be embraced just to be dead again once inside the cave the child

king searching for the entrance where is it he once was left and right again the gypsy prince

on the trail somewhere following or was it madness that leads the feet chained to the stone

for a forest burning and you want to give in you want not to care and the stone is growing

and the chains aware of the golden scales one thought of the bite of the apple grown one

sideways glance of the eyes black red throne blood for death's mask dripping white from

clouds in the summer sky passing by grasped by one thousand hands and seperated droplet

by droplet looking for the most perfected reflection of light caught within to create paradise

a paradigm a mind given in the child king whistling a tune sets the carpet into a whirlwind

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