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I may not know how many actual horrible things are happening all the time

But there seems to be a degree of horrible things happening all of the time

And there are also people banking on the fact that horrible things are going

To continue happening because that's just how they make a living and there

Is probably way more than that than that i even understand exists, so even

If it was maybe a 35/65 percent of absolute horrible things in the world to

Actual good, and someone could probably actually do these mathmatical

Equations if we were to all agree on the same degrees of horrible things

That shouldn't be happening in the world anymore, if, by scientific standard

Of experiment we've actually proven that we all have to exist together in

The existence of every thought and act that every person on the world does

And that it has a significant effect on the actual consciousness of every person

Let alone the consciousness of the actual earth in and of itself to be living

Then we could all agree at some point that certain things and ways of being

Shouldn't be allowed to exist anymore, and I'd go even further than that to

The point that if you aren't conclusively working on your own consciousness

To the extent that your thoughts aren't creating some degree of the same

Then so be it, that seems like an extremists point of view on an situation that

Seems normal, to me, it seems like a stable ground to stand on in an extreme

Situational world, where nothing makes sense, and everything makes money.

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