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Possessions / One

there i stood as the black candle on the black seal of the black sigil burned

taking the knife to the red string to cut the mandala beads the skulls fall all

over the room like rain falls the skulls fall and each a drop into the ocean all

creating all enveloping reflections reverberating from each point of combustion

the engine roaring moving me without moving the setting bleeds into various

shape-shifting realities at once all encompassing at once so elusive all a hand

reaching for a heart all a heart bleeding at the promise the begging prophecy

at the wish the candle light the black string round the black candle on the black

sigil carved into the black seal atop the piano where the crooked wand of the

crooked god laid to rest beneath a tree somewhere, somewhere in a forest being

the crooked god rest upon the stone and all the stones collected fiction could not

recall and all the twisting spiraled thoughts and all the vine led to was more bones

and all the bones crushed the white circle of the pendulum the hourglass of every

age just another distance in the desert walks the slave round the forbidden mask

death wears sitting cross legged further into the ground beneath the floorboards

far beyond the foundation deep under the surface of the ocean into the cave far

far away these feelings laughing on the red sand in the red land with red hands

masking indifference with revelation forever creating more light upon the dark way

forsaken souls walk hand in hand toward an every retreating goal somewhere some

way we will make it work untold of love these visions were more than just alive

life was something outside the mind of death and unto the immaculate feasts of

acknowledgement and to reasons undertow ever leading the footfalls nearer, and

nearer to them, was I some place deeply masked within, just knowing some peace

just for an instance it seemed, and forever it will be, ever a shooting star to believe

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