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Positively Unsure Of Anything

to play in the shallow wake

to dip a toe in the abyss

to create the discourse on

what it means to create and

what exactly it is creating

even if these subtleties are

merely felt in the most non

invasive way that can exist

is it not creating somehow

something more harmful or

does the good outweigh it

the fact that creation in and

of itself is now creating the

need of ever more creations

at an ever faster rate and one

and two and three, relativity

of the numberless design shall

infinitely envelope the mass

too far far too far the promise of

meaning, from creation to the

production of entertainment

from entertainment to the rapid

necessity of escape, from escape

to the ever consuming need to be

somehow involved yet further and

further away from anything fulfilling

and do I mean what I say, conjecture

at best, opinion, more or less

it's just a question and to answer

would take group consciousness

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