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Portrait of Dorian Electra

not to say that i was in a drunken stupor for the last three hours

but i was in a drunken stupor for the last three hours and in that

when i was passed out in a drunken stupor i started dreaming

and the dream started with me looking at my phone and on me

phone i was kind of breaking up with someone or i was distraught

for some reason about some past thing that happened in some

way and it was anne frank and anyway i looked up from my phone

and there was a girl standing in front of me and she was looking at

me like why are you so hung up while i was hanging up the phone

and before this dream you know i had another dream another time

and that dream was about the hotel again and i was on all these

different floors again and i took this kid to the bottom floor the

one that is the bottom before it goes underground and that floor

is a tiled bathroom of moldy shower stalls which i had been to once

before but this time when i reached the moldy shower stalls i stood

at the entrance with the kid and i pissed into the void and i might of

left the kid there and then i went to the roof of the hotel and whats on

the roof is a secret and the people who brought me there to the roof

were absolutely obsessed with the secret and i wasn't that impressed

and they weren't happy about the fact that i wasn't impressed but

i really only wasn't impressed with the secret of the roof of the hotel

because they wanted me to be impressed so badly and the truth is

i would have been impressed if they didnt want me to be impressed


and anyway i would have been more impressed if they weren't getting

some sort of sick satisfaction out of the fact that they knew the secret

of the roof of the hotel and i was like that wasn't that big of a secret

and what i'm really thinking is maybe the roof is really just different for

everybody who gets there, because that roof with them was really like

this weird paradigm where the girl who brought me there was hitting on me

and the guy she was with was obsessed with the secret of the roof and

she was acting like she wasn't with him just to make him jealous or at least

that's what she wanted him to think and i was like im going to the bottom now

and thats when i took the child by the hand and went to the moldy showers

and then i took a piss into the showers from outside because there is no way

i'm going in there and that secret of whats behind that open door is way

scarier than the secret of the roof because that secret is a contemplation on

a way of living that is incoherent to the truth of the next floor beyond the pool

and anyway so this girl was looking at me looking at my phone and i looked up

at her and we were standing in my room where i was in a drunken stupor on my bed

because i just got home from the bar and i only had three beers but the beers

are great and a drunken stupor is sometimes the thing and so i was in a drunken

stupor having a dream about anne frank and i was a sad clown and i looked up

and there was another clown standing in front of me in this clown happened to be

a girl and the girl was looking at me looking at my phone and she was wondering

why i was so sad and i looked at her looking at me looking at my phone and even

though she didnt want to i knew she did and so we started kissing and then i woke up

and who do you think that girl was it couldnt have been anyone less than my girlfriend

and also i would have gone to the field medic show if i wasn't already going to hell

and also i cant really remember any other dreams i've had in the last probably i dont

know time time, time is drifting, leaves, and enters again the same way i left

its like the dreams are speeches and incantations and everything aligns like frame

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