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so at the video store in a different state they kept playing DVD"S and everytime i was like i seen this movie already teach i know the ending can i leave to go get back in bed with my high school girlfriend, the one that was still in high school, and teach was like yup and every

time i was the only one in a class rom of like 20 bums that had seen any of the DVD"S and i was like i didnt even get credit for all that extra curriculur activity i fucking watched these on my own goddamn time and now im paying some freakin teenage waster working at the college fuck fest section of historical links to show me things i don't want to see ever again what kind of ironic can can i leave yes thanks againe and when i showed the clip of marq snorting heroin out of a plastic pen he cut in half because the dope shows to be magnetic north found paperclip guy swinging from the lamp post setting fire to a dead christmas elf

wilkie still probably has my power ranger action figure toys on his shelf the ones where the

heads go up and down champ nirvana downtown getting cabs to meet girls from where I

never once have known dope throne liquid backhand menage a tois no im ten and in the lingere section at the store i got a job at 5 years later with the misses on adderall binges just to feel something different sweat poured from her skin like a hopeless fountain begging like a christian we were just children what it is is the innocence within and ill tell you from my first

admission to it doesnt exissst behind trees down beneath me it died in the palm of my hand the moment i decided all else is nothingness ive seen the empty dread of each dying youth walking onward to the incenerary without knowing without a lick of the pleasures of the pure land sutra gone with wind winded up like a ball of string for kat's play for life babe seat at the

right at the table of the nazi party carving initials into legs spread open to the stars fucking in the backseat of cars well i did that once, mostly in the back of the jeep parked on some developing property on some twisted street on my friends birthday it's almost like it happened twice sweat bleeds into eyes beneath summers hot sun and when it does it burns and when it burns its love things i wish i never thought of things i wish i never promised based on one single fact i cant look back more than i already have i cant be there for her like i said i would forever and that's true to every single one, what came between us i'll never know what could have been i've never told look what happened a graveyard's home

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