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Palm Reader

sitting prettily in piled glass round the forest lay

every blade an sharpened edge every drop of

dew falls to the sediment lest all moving feet

and hands aching at the feathered grass all is

reflection in chaos breaking with every leaf it

snap of touching thumb to dextral tattooed hand

print in sand shifting land onslaughter of senses

reflecting light beams off every sharp blade saws

through the flesh endevour fresh weathered rose

petals drift pas further years wind caught sinful

hand lifted brim full between the thumb touching

forefinger cymbal'd clash worn to broken the glass

falls like sand falls in pieces falls to fall in peace

glass caught wind swept light beams hit shimmering

angled revelation in angelic spiral headlong high

lower than the damsels dress straps serpents shining

scaled weight of every thought floating by metal

leaves hang from glass trees before it was lost by and by

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