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One With Only Nature In Mind

but if all of history is history and all of reality is here to stay, what of the dream of

the dream of former years, because, as things are different now, do they stay now

different, does all the sand settle in the end, I think probably somewhere balance

shall be found, I think somehow we will live to see, that history does repeat itself

and then things will be more happy, and people will be more kind of something,

and life will look grand again, as though it was as this nightmare ridden land, did

not exist to begin with, because to exist in heaven just to forget that hell exists is

fairly certain to be a mistake, that is ignorance, that is the nothingness one must

escape, because how can purity and impurities exist as one and the same, and

as some would say, all of this is necessary, is to say all of history was lacking grace

all of history was lacking colour, though could it be possible the colours far more

clear, could it be possible that love existed in greater ways than our imaginations

can so hear, we can never know what history was like, yet we can know what reality

is today, and today is something to the modern man, that is, truly somethin', as they

say, just to taste the pleasures of the fruit of yesterday, so far, so so far gone away

and maybe it is we learn to teach better what history had so hidden within its core

but if it were between the technological singularity, or a completely new way to be

I would choose to cut the power, and learn how to just be again, one only nature in

mind, and one for all to see, to me the pure land cant be pure until we all agree.

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