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One Time

i saw Mr. Egedy in the subway station in new yrok city and he walked right by me

and he didnt even look at me and i even stopped walked and stared at him walking

and he walks right by me but i knew he knew he knew i knew he knew i knew he saw

me at his show in 1002 at new years time one eve by myself with like three other people

and also my cat ate my spider that was growing between the stone and the wall in the

corner of the window sill she just jumped right up there and ate him up that was like

three weeks ago or two moths fly into a flame and become a butterfly and fly away

and one time on the subway in the subway car i saw a lightning bug sitting on the

subway seat and one time i found a penny and it was my birthday just like that hbo

show about ghosts where the lady tries to find her sun dna on a change and shes like

no and then i just got up and left the lightning bug sitting there and it was shining

and one time i also found one cheeto on the subway seat of the subway and that

reminds me of one time when back then and there where somewhere and one time

i wrote that down that i found a cheeto on the subway there was other poetry around

the point and the poem ended with a cheeto and it reminds me of that drawing of squiggles

and james franco signed it and i was like alright thanks and i had just read that play and

i was learning the lines for another play with my sister and she was learning lines with

another guy in another room on another street in the city and stood on the stage and

played the part and when i was standing on stage everything went dark, and i lifted

up the compass in my hand and there inside the compass was the mechanism

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