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Of The Beast

"the mind which has just ceased is the immediately preceding condition."

yet arises it does in the best of moments of clarity, as fire does take to igniting the hallway

gripping the white mask with both hands, arranging themselves as hands do, infinite

repercussions, spiraling infinity, all upholding the mask and tearing the away at the body

all is void, all is immensities colourful implosion, and extremes of blacknesses inversion,

leaving the body naked unto the nothingness againe, and tearing away at the skin, all

is colourless explosion, all is inverted expression of two hands gripping the mask and

turning the key, within the hall on knees, sitting at the table in the room staring at the

candle flame, where are the hands, where are the infinite hands tearing away at the

setting, at the scenery, all is nothingness, all is empty of reflection in emptiness of the

black flame, all is shining opalescence, all is porcelain, round the figure whom once was

I, whom once and at once is also you, two sides to every table, square the forest, circling

the abyss, the candle falling, descending into the ancient wood, rises in the hand of

the children searching the hallway carpeted, for any of the remains left, of what was

walking into the mirrored images, all the paintings becoming mirrored images again

and between them the light pours in, and between the light dances, and between you

and me, infinite hallways horizontally, and in all of them the children running just one

step behind the other, and in all of them, the circling, the square on the table spins,

round and round the sharp edges are lost in the grain, all encircling round the last, in

forward and reverse, till all catches up and lands again in the flames, the black fire all

encompassing the white mask dripping in the colours, of the colors, all of it colours.

"you stabilize your mind on the physical form of the Buddha, which you have heard about."

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