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Of Spiders

movements of alignments move as realities shift, control, alt, dlt, and all things melt

between the teeth, bend realities in dreamscapes neverending throw, a tale of the

damned and the accursed and the wicked and the true, brethren of relationship

none so true, none truer, no more to believe in the wicked tale I tell you, none more

honest in the wakefullness, none more dead than sleep, none more asleep than the

dreamer dreaming the dream of infinity, no one could wrought a more bitter end than

turning the vast key to the doorways beginning, like he said, life lies on the other side

life lies for serpents tongues speak differently in a dead mans mouth split at each end

enough realities for realities dream, enough dreams in reality to sleep for eternity

could sleep through dreams insanities, better oft a hand than I, better yet a bitter tune

seeping out the eyes, bitter black floating things does thou see it now, dost thou sing

nightingale the mystery within is yet a lifetime moreso, forever thou dot weep, eyes

scream into the mask silence wears, what is it thou death has in his hands, the staff

the staff Death carries is a knotted thing, a branch from the most hideous tree God left

left in a black forest of black sin, black blood flowing for the night, moon thou hast

hidden thyself from me, where I am, there is no light, dreary, more dreary life, to walk

hand in hand with thee againe, you have left me here, you have left me here, old boy

you have left me here young man, and I shall circle infinity with eternal woe, and as I

circle, thou dost square, dance unto the tune my boy, do thou dance the wicked dance

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