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No Problem

it is very interesting to me to think that regardless of how many people read this

maybe a few might take a break from their phones, go outside more, i don't know

whatever, people do that already, balance the complete toxic waste with a good

bottle of natural spring, and thats that and thats the answer for some who think

that balance is the answer, take a trip to the alamo, get crazy, turn off your phone

i wouldn't say i'm the most connected person in the world, but i don't really find

that anything that i am saying resonates with almost anything that exists in reality

and thats not me trying to give myself credit, and i appreciate the nonchalant

nods to the fact that people are reading, but let's be honest, even if two million

people were reading this, who's talking about it, and out of who's talking about

it, where are the answers, or am i just too insane where i think there is a problem

and there really isn't a problem, but i just fail to see where in the projected future

there isn't more problems of a similar nature to the problems happening already

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