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My Resume

first i started working at staples when i was just ten years old and i couldnt sell a goddamn printer to an adult because they didn't trust me, not one printer could i sell to not any one

then i started working at marshalls the clothing store for women and i picked up shoes and then the women would return to the shelves and they would throw them on the ground i guess because they hate shoes as much as i do and also i worked the fitting room sometimes so i got to sit on a stool and try not to fall alseep and do adderall in the bath

after that i did not work for two years because i was a college graduate in the making

then i got a job delivering pizzas, then i got a job at urban outfitters, then i got a job at home depot and they fired me for being seventeen, then i got a job in a warehouse and the best part about that job was the polish corner cafe where they would give me free food and really good soup at times when I didn't have any money, then i got a job on an ice cream truck and i was their best worker they ever had, after that i got a job at a perfume store and got such hay fever from the scent of my last dying wishes that i locked the shoppe keepers best friends in the shoppe and kept them there sweatin just for a change of pace and i got fired for that i thought i was being inventivival, then i went back to the warehouse and i brought them all ice cream after i went back and worked for the ice cream truck and then the ice cream turned into coconuts and after that the coconuts turned into spiders and so I had a few jobs here and there and I had alot of fun in between all of that time doing landscaping, working construction, and playing mason, and also chasing chinese model photographers around NYC because they would give me free money just for being me and also one time i strapped a typewriter on an electric scooter and drove to the worst street in brooklyn and stood on the corner painting and while i was painting a beautiful menergerie

words would fall like paint droplets dripping from my lips onto pieces of paper i cut out especially for anyone who wanted a free painting you'll have to ask poe.jpg.pdf but you have to know the secret song that sings by bird whistling and after that I worked one round of the festivale circuit with some kid who did not show up to work one day in his whole life.

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