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Mother! For Me.

Said the child whom played crocodile in the hippo trip top shop showing crack

So i knew it was not that and I found it to be a raining sunny day shiney place

Painted grey and red and black with just a table in the back and poetry falling

Out of the seams for the seamstress it seams for the songstress it sings and

It Was The Blackest Mistake I Could Have Made Thinking Poe Would Say Go

And it felt like a home burnt in me my past fell away and returned a shake

Never understood the calamity clams make when they are beneath the feet

Beneath the feet is the sand around the sand the ocean round the ocean

A world and around a world the sun makes rings in circles, never in tune

It was the most secondly interesting thing i thought about today, the true

Possibilty that my enemy told his grandma about how he won the game.

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