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More Accurately

when i say the things i dont know, what i really mean

which is to say, I didn't know, nor do I know for sure

and therefore, more accurately, i won't allow myself

to begin, to know anything, is to know something

and to know something, one must be willing to see

i am a blind man in a desert surrounded by burning

surrounded by burning trees, and there, there is a

stream, and for the first time then, to see the end

of self-reflection, and the beginning of the proposal

to float the stream, and finish the floor, to the door

at the end of the hallway, the one at the bottom of

the stairs, one must exit to leave, one must leave to

be free, and one must not fail to see, looking forward

cross the stream, looking back, the mask in a desert

land, watches the gate, all falls away, there is no

crossing the stream, there is no floor in the forest

there is earth, and there is truth, and what is to be

shall be when the mask is removed, the temple

destroyed to be rebuilt, piece by piece, and none

have reached, and my hands are tied, all 1000 of them.

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