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Mask of Fire

it is a vast ocean this creation of depth, this, complex sentence, never ends

visions mask in visions past reflections passed, and the ocean drift

songs that sing themselves were never written by mortal hand, nor dost

the wind ever stop, questioning is but a lesser evil in the mind of God

finding ways to navigate wherefore art thou reason, what it is to observe

all things smashing, all things glow, all things tumble, and all things move

in ways so vastly misunderstood, we walk the pathway only nails have made

no longer shall thee foot, no longer shall thee slip, what question, what dove

what longer punishment devised, none more sacred than the sorting hat

now none more sacred than vows, the oath of a slain man slaughter self to

consume is to love, it burns, it does, this way of being, this being of self so

undiscovered, what more can be left within, what more than reflection, memory

don't forget, no, not again, forget thyself old man, forget thyself, wicked fiend

it is an illusive thing to be a mystery, and the golden hand cuts the left hand's

palm frond, at the foot, the mouth, and at the tail, the beginning again, less

without intention, without knowingness, without understanding, I needeth

nought more than a living place to be, alone with friends, alone with beauty,

problems are solutions to a mind illusive in spinning against the grain of morn,

I write to lose this feeling and I write to make more sense of, what it is I am

what is it that you are doing here, my friend, what is it that thee see in the mirror

a moments bliss in visions vast ocean, than break to drift again in drone's hum

which mirror it twas, which glance, what dost thou eyes sea, what is it that thee

are doing here Beast, wherefore art thou beauty, I see nought behind the mask

I see nought, nor do I believe, nor do I question anymore the mirage creating

seams that split evermore, stitch themselves to binding words, words, unknown I

tear out again thy wicked heart, tear it out again just to feast, ever growing, ever

so I see the mask in the sky with glowing eyes become all encompassing to me

slowly, the vine inlaid masterpiece of craftsmanship, hiding behind a the leaves

I, so reality breathes, I, so dost anything meant to manipulate the visions fresh

tree, and when I saw it I knew then enlightenment, I knew then, my friend, I knew

If I could only go back and know exactly what it is I wrote beneath, basking in the

gold of former years epiphany, built up to fall in winter time, the one tree still

standing as summer's sun does ignite revelry, a long trail it twas, immensities

weight, weigh the block of ice we shall play, and create mosaic symphonies

carrying the offering through & through, every step an ice laid pond, every step

another season, breathing in the lotus perfume, leading onwards, onwards

everso, vastly the forest laid, a million more miles to the temple, vast it was to be

with thee, old friend, both of us perched upon our stone, before the cave caved

before the demons took hold, and lifted us swiftly away, the mind made up long twas

the first step was taken, we are here today, we had said, we are here, and we shall

go, through the forest of death amidst the fallen snow, white lay the scene, white

in the golden glow, I coudnt have ever created a more beautiful lay, I couldnt have

thought twice about the slippery slope, and somewhere hidden in the death throws

the golden tree still stands, yet to find it again would take a walk through hell and

the hand of the finest arm, the arm of the freshest man, I will never know what it is

no, I may never know again the pleasures of the intellect, to spring more dream like

an existence, every day, every hour of each minute, revelations of beauty unbound

the depth of the ocean is merely what contains it so a thinking mind says, aghast

contain the ocean, thinking man, and find thyself no more than sand, the hourglass

lifted, and beneath it lies again, the sigil of all the ages, of every age of every man

accomplishment is for the accursed and wicked weighing hand of fate, for what

and what for, more of the same, evermore of the same, where unto all the grain

hast arrived, and once more has does it fall, and what each breath of heart sings

hardly heard of, secret silences could not unveil thee, tune off, nod, ding, and

what more does thou heart, seems I remove myself from the mask to tear myself

up and find new pathways, new dances, new, I say, to the old, laugh the mask does

fast, the way on out past the break, just to find thyself looking into my eyes someday

I wouldnt believe thee, I wouldnt understand the words music, realization of a dream

dream realization, do not task me a more bitter fiend than wicked, do not take me

a fool, do not look into my eyes and tell me anything that is not true, the dream

too real, all too real the visions of life, flowing stream, when it is over it all goes too

quickly, and when it was there, I could feel it disappearing as we speak, never, never

land it does, never allow thyself to go, I couldn't take the disappointed glare, can't I

not see thyself, can I not stare into the fire and somewhere deep within, the flame

of true love was carried through the darknesses of minds deepest throws, and for

three nights the yellow candle burned, until the fire was, and unto the smoke.

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