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Love Makes The Morning Dews

like an arrow shot straight poison once because i thought i could work around it

like an apple, I'm about it, that was the one with the worm in it wearing sunglasses

speaking magi drawn to acid it might have been coloured pencil but it was red ink

and the sugar cubes were football heads and the effects, it was a red pen, black

lightning, the white sky from the trees rehearsal for the video i forget the title of

e[p] he was the star lead before the sayer said he'd never speak again badly I just

the silence is heavy the incense was thick in the cave he was floating by i was getting

ur high and we sat in the circle of Death, it was just the two of us back then, me staring

at the tree through the sky, and forgetting who I was there with again, where are we going

to find out if it is true or not, painting a green table white, we stained it on the inside and

almost died, think not of the settings, think not of the scenes, think not of the apple then

and when it was and where, think not of the conception of seven seconds in heaven

i missed it then, i spun the planets instead around a diamond, spinning in smaller circles

around on a compass, that is wear it was left then the remains in a magazine, clipping the

wings on a gold tree, beneath the top of the compass and hid under the lid, before the

trails, we're in focus, before the pathway was smoke and keep repeating the same streets

before the boulder was pushed off the bridge, the place we left it then, the sidewalk caved

there is no end to the nightengales songstress seamed there is no funny bone in the hat

stitched for a pin press in the desert removing a trap set by one and the same, it is how

you whip a bullet into place and graze the shooting sparks for stars like sand on the road

that leads to the hill that leads to the waves that leads you to the cheap thrills, it is a

definitive reflection then the mask looking white in the mirror red for the ink, all the details

replaced in history erased speak in a language arising in the mindless morning dews

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