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Light The Right End

all in question, do thoughts come alive in thee

meaning, so far out past the circumstances, I

to barely holding on to what within, there is

nothing too far from the truth and more real

than shadows speaking through words immaterial

too heavy to lift the boulder in which Prometheus

enchained, what more couldst thou ask of thee

to find in all things, the same, meaninglessly we

bring in hands each night to pray beneath sheets

hiding the face, no, moreso, all to each be one

where unto all beneath the blistering sun, heat

rising at the moonless light from stars unseen of

and less to be heard I wouldn't question twice

that high flying kite by the lakeside of red ice

twas just in the centennial forces renewal twas

just the curtain call before the stage was laid

before the foundation caved in and the mud

of the footings dug in the rain, for days of it

lickety split, acceptance of the united land

beneath a flag raised high by armed men

I could go on getting lost in the questions

forever twisting in spirals round a centre point

nailed into the seat of the chair in the room

naught could lead me from the promise of

love, for love is the law, love under the will

by the power of all things consciously alive

they kept taking the black unicorn further

and further away from me in my dream, and

I, I shall face the dragon, to chase my shadow

no more, sometimes a dog's tail is all he's got

and sometimes, things might just get away

from you, now, and never again.

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