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Life Itself To Be

some forever lasting thing that lasts forever somewhere within the fires glow

drifting oft into nothingness for the everlasting circumfrance walked crookedly

creating lightning on the shores of the sandless dunes sharp edged spiritual

alignment of broken sentences started complex ended up roundabout for the

gold spilled sand in the basket at the feet what was once thought is now speech

what was once only thought could become belief in the garden of enchantment

sun shining on the reflective leaves of the flowers growing toward the light

all in the mind of the bees carrying to and from the hive mind of a tree roots deep

between the fingertips one and the same carried by fluttering wings torn for to

reverse the symptom and catch the fires growing within the left hand lifted from

beneath the darkness spread thick and upon each head marked for emptiness

it is the spaces between each momentary alignment seen from a perspective

undefined all things seemingly made for the purpose of what and for whom then

does it glow the shining lighting strikes each diamonds split at each facet splits

crumbles into pieces thought the bee before the fingertips tearing at the wings

the feather writing itself spins like the diamond upon the compass lifted for light

shining through and through captivating the audience suspended like sand thrown

not for long does the show go on nor is it forever shall it be the revelatory applause

of all things tearing up at the white mask reflected light within eyes open staring at

the candle flame flickering match was just a spark in the night sky before the gypsy

fell from the window backwards to enter the window for the grand surprise of being

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