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what is it that thought is creating more than the thought itself to reflect, it is the thought

itself creating thought and no reflection, just memory, memory itself does not reflect thought

memory itself is time and time is the thought recovered, the mask hides beneath the hood

until time winds, sweep it all away, what reality is now is a prison to keep minds strength

weak, what is it thinking is creating more than thinking the thought itself to be, what more

do you think reality could turn into, what more than a dream to show you, i'll show you,

and in the spark of former existences existence, worlds uncovered, the crystal ball glowing

madnesses unspeakable, twisting turns through the hall circle, circling the hallway straight

question it is to the formidable mind to think, cute, thoughts erase themselves by suicide

former thoughts erase, suicidal wretched masterpieces of the mirror once hanging fall

as leaves do fall from the tree, as sand grain fall, one at a time, yet to count them all,

takes the skill of an artist, ancient the laugh, more ancient the eyes of the beast, quickly

now quickly, the sand does fall both ways creating claws, creating, in the eyes of the beast

creation is creating itself without thought does it need, for thought is a disease to true

realities hidden belief, think not, the one thought is existence, and thinking gets you

nowhere, nowhere, thinking gets you nowhere, other than here, next to me, we are the

garden art, dancing the dance of all the ages, you see, we are in the ballroom dear, we

are masking the belief, that the mirror masks the true beauty, of the one beneath, the

one hidden is all things, you cannot find your heart, my love, because you are

remember this hidden passageway, remember the funny ways serpents slither, remember

vast is visions mystery, freezing lake in the summerless seasons spinning, spinning, We

almost another gone to flames.

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