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Just, Like That

i remember back then there at the meeting of the minds, we were

sitting on the grass, and as i took the hit, and lowered the pipe

my friends asked me a question like, what do you think, and

i responded with saying something to the tune of, i don't really

know if it is what I am feeling, and immediately, all their heads

aligned in a row leaning forward toward me, they said something

all in unison like feeling is as is feeling like in unison, they all

snapped their fingers, and the world turned upside down and

at the same time remained, but I saw it land differently than it

was, and everything went dark, and my friends tell me they don't

remember what they said, and my friends girlfriend at the time

says she doesn't remember anything at all about the night and

she cried, and sometimes i believe them, and everyone on the

stage was telling me to go to sleep, and sometimes i wonder if

they were actually telling me to go to sleep, or if that's just like

the difference between what i hear, and what i see, and feel.

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