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It Was Then That

I was thinking about August, and fell for the fallest of all the snowy adventures we had.

That is when I thought my name might be, it might just be. I struck a spike through a

Horse and made a unicorn, tagged a chair, wrote waL ehT The Law etorw, and spun.

It was a diamond on a sideways compass spinning and a tilted head missing the darth.

Art class is one fancy step away from a suicidal sacrifice, drawing of a snake, and a

Poe, that is when you are about to sacrifice somebody and their soul drops out and dies.

The white cube snacked and stacked for alive. Doubled exposed, a screen printed design.

I think there were cigs on the wallet entry for the competition of a calendar. Almost one

I would have definitely won it if it wasn't for that and then maybe I would be famous artist.

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