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It Is All In Vein

standing there by the fire made in the back of the garden by the old place them there in BK

said unto me something, said unto something something, and was told then that is the joke

little brother bubbling gum on the corduroy jacket from the army surplus store right by that

electric palace where taylor swift is always entering and exiting new york city top secretly

i couldn't remember what the joke is, i couldn't begin to think what it was i said, i bet it all

on that person standing next to me, i bet he remembers the whole joke, and the punchline

i put this iron on peace sign american flag patch over the hole in the jacket, i swear it that

i sewed it on upside down, and another person i met on the street around town, he said

unto me, i see what kind of man you are, pointing to that patch, i had had it since i was a kid

few and far between the differences hidden in the smoking conversation, defining what it is

to recoil at the forbidden languages speaking revelatory things, but it was the pit, it was the

pit by the tracks that Travis and I remade, until he took half of it apart again and made it

differently, until the pit on the street walking in the rain decided she felt differently about

the face she was going to remake, all things in time with late night tv, it is funny the things

about how true it is, speaking freely, just for to be understanding, how it slips away from me

nought that it can't be, yet, it is something for the show and the stage, honestly, we used to

wrestle back then, at the neighbors house, mattress stacked, empty spare apartment up the

long driveway, it is that that brought me back, not that it was so lost to be unfounded, yet

the mind starts to take the shadows and play down deeper holes made in the stone archway

standing at the gate staring into webs spiders make, that's the thing, i'll believe in anything

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