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it is true none-the-less, i am just begging for life to begin

if anything worked out for me in some miraculous way, yes

i would be happy, and like anyone else who makes their

plea and gets away with it without disappearing into thee

abyss, yes, i would choose to live, and i would talk like

the people talk, and i will walk from shop to shop and

i will seat at the table and i will eat the food the waiter

brings and i will not smash the glass over his face when

he doesn't listen, and i will keep trying everyday to be

happy like i was back then, only for a moment it was

between the total collapse of complete destruction of

the being i was, to whom i was becoming, with faith in

following the trail made ages ago where it leads no one

knows and when we get there what will it be then and

the question i guess is, do we have to do anything to

change what the outcome will be, or do we so choose

in someway to believe, that all is taken care of that all

that will be will be, and what will be will be perfect yes

we don't even have to try, what will be will unfold before

our eyes, like some illusion a magician reveals and pulls

the rabbit out of the hat, but the rabbit isn't metal it's

just a real live living rabbit covered in oil drip diseased

and the hat belongs to a homeless man with his face

painted dancing on the street and the people will go on

the people's will, what will they leave behind for earth

to once again have to recognize the world, the capsule

left buried by the stones, to remember again of this time

right now, would anyone out there open it, or shoot it

out of a fucking cannon into a goddamn bigger capsule

with more of the garbage in it then we can ever imagine

all the things that exist that are hidden that we don't see

because we don't really want to know to what degree these

things are happening, but i would be happy, yes, i would

i would go on into the burning forest back to my home

and i would forget almost everything i've said, i'll forget

i can't help it, but i won't forget what it means to me

and i won't forget the sand grain that never falls like a leaf

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