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Indivisible / Divided

i can find optimism somewhere deep in the pit of despair, down deep

though the more forward moving i feel, the more i see all things as foreign

i can find hope in the bleakest outlook, with nothing more than faith at the end

though the shadows creep in, one at a time, there are enough questions

i can find acceptance of the way things are, and learn to let go of the answers

though the longing inside is creating a separation between me and most things

i can find nostalgia to be the force beckoning me to an existence here somewhere

though the doubt in anything to be revealed to be true is an alluding distance

i can find meaning in all things, and i can find value to life, through love

though the distance it takes to get there is an impossible walk though the desert

i may forever be alone, and forever maybe nothing is true, what i perceive as reality

takes hold and serpents whisper secrets in my ears, and then all disappears

and what it is that the serpents say, forever, is an unknown destiny, a mystery, or

something far greater than imaginations perplexities, what remains, there is

there is a trail that leads in every direction all at once, and all of the directions one

could go, spiral into a conflagration of what it is i see, what it is i hear, what it could be

what it might be, where it could possibly go, and wherefore unto reason does the sky

fall upon the weight of a stone balanced upon another stone, balanced as a mark

to walk past the gate, one must look away from the stream to walk through & through

one must forward march onward into the burning forest, to walk past the gate

and know all that all-knowingness is a conscious being flowing, let not the stream rise

let not the ever-present destruction destroy, let what is flowing flow onwards, down

away, let the reflection in the stream, let the sigil be washed away, allow the stream to

pass, allow the stream to move, further in the desert is the sun, further in the desert

the mirage, allow the face to break, allow the mind to conclude, and to leave, to

leave, is not to turn your back on the stream, it is but a moment in the vast span

a moment in the vast span of all things moving.

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