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In The Realm Of Incalculable Eyes

All Opens And Closes, One At A Time, All At Once, One Follows One Past The One Above

All Colours Unfolding, The Centre Incalculably Different From The Mass, In Each Eyelid

Passed, Focusing On One, Is Focusing On All, All Eyelids Fall To Rise Again, Colour Then

Changes As One To Another Relates The Circling Colour Game Of Rainbow Dances

Creating Shapes, Symbols, Inverted Paradigms, Masks Of Colorful Dancers Spin In Time

Rises The Hands To Lift The Sun, Falls The Footprints Of Colours Upon, A Million Sands

Walked, At The End Of The Desert Is An Ocean, At The Bottom Of The Ocean A Tomb

In The Realm Of Innumerable Eyes, Every Escaping Definition Of Inside The Grail Reversing

The Outside Of What Lines The Mindless Landscape All Encompassing All Knowing Caught

The Ageless Glare Of A Mirror In The Echo Of A Canyon Hand Held Above The Precipice

Lightning Hits The Prism Within Separated Brilliances Entering Each As Silver Beams To

Encase The Still Being On The Shore Of Meditative Palaces With Gold, Diamond Shining

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