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I, Wonder Years

i would say the intensities of these conceptions arrived merely decades ago

now everything is a subtler degree of the normality of such a way to be

the horrors exist behind curtains that children stumble into more regularly

yet now the constant of just being, when before what was hidden was desired

is now in every way consistent with the natural state of the progression of a

mind in development, what once were pretty colors is now the display, all

interaction technology based, all technology based invitational conversation

is dependent upon the auctioneers block, stand upon the stage, each and

every one, and create your grand entrance to the new season, what is left of

natural being-ness will surely die out if it hasn't already, and it shant be much

longer after that, when no one knows how to exist in anyway without some

form of a digital well to fall in and drown out the subversiveness of existence

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