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I Will Fly To Close To The Sun

what is life to give when life is to be given what is a knife to cut when to cut is to be listening

and that's just when, the beginning, that's just when the end what is a cut to bleed when

to bleed is to be free what is light to shine upon when shining light upon light upon light

reflecting nothingness into empty baskets three and that's just what life is to give when it

is to be given and that's just what a knife to cut when listening is getting somewhere in

glistening light cut to bleed and bleeding to be free beneath the summer suns old cross

roads end where the trails split skin by skin, tooth by tooth, claw by claw, we carry on

our backs the law white cross blackest moonlit night full flight dull knife blinding eyes

shine little life shine empty mind full of jeweled paradigms aligning every ray beams every

beam hits the end of space times infinity divided splitting somehow continuously

repeating never look back from the entrance to the gate from the gate to the staircase

outside up to the doorway the doorway onto which one does not need to knock open

crested waves crash on shores in both directions pushing edges out digging a hole in the

sand inside the hourglass to find


the diamond stopped time

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