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I Was Wrong

i was a kid once and when i was a kid

i thought like a kid did that believes in

other kids and thinking that other kids

believed in me and somehow life would

resemble something of the way history

is teached and that as time moved on

we would get smarter and that people

in history were just stupid idiots because

they didn't have electricity so how could

they even be compared to be as close to

as smart as we are now, and now i can say

without any remorse, we look fucking stupid

and furthermore, i question so much all the

time if i'm just stupid for thinking there is

a problem, like if i actually knew the truth

i would somehow see that everything is

perfect and this is exactly what we were

going for and somehow i just fail history

because i used to cheat on the test and

one time my teacher saw me and we made

eye contact and he looked at me and i looked

at him and i just went back to not knowing

the answer and thats pretty much what this

is and if i could cheat on the test i would

because someone needs to have the answer

and i'm not in a rush or anything i just

i don't have anything else to do besides sit

around all day and i'm holding out on getting

a job because have you seen those things

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