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I, Urban Lunchment

All In Capitals, The Band Was Ivory Right, No, It Was Icory Sticks, It was Ivory White With

Of Inifinite Meandering Through And Through, There Was The Stop Light It Was Cut One

A Capital Paragraphed Space Token, The Band Was Ivory Wrighjt and I was Just Trying To

Night A Life Ago I remember Who It Twas, Was The Man With THe Staff Was A fire In The

Remember What I said, I Said The Band Was Ivory White, The Night It was Light, Life Back

There Was Red Lights Again There Was Fillings In For Whom I Would Have Cut It Down

It Was The Band, Was I, Urband Lunchment, Ivory Wihte Agine, I Was In The Bnad It Was

I Was Out Of Twon Walking Through Life And Death Is A Trip Was A Strange Man Who

Smoked In The Barrel Back THen The Men They Didnt Like Him Thats The Secret You Are

Ivory Rite, Ivory White Was The Band, I Was Listening Again To The Things I Was SUppoese

Not Supposed To Say Because He Has Powerful Connections At The Top Turned A Man

To Women One And Sent Her Back TO work To True I Cant Remember His Name Does

He Still Exist Who Kould Now Know He Fell From A Cartoon Cutting A Light Build Took

Of From God Knows Where And Found A Crooked Statue By A Burning Church And I

Wod Thats Paintball Shot On THe TOp of THe Scroob, Erasing A Rainbow Takes Just A

Table A Donkey And A Sleuth Eh When Back Then Was It My Friend Was It Done By A

Theif Where Is My Hockey Talk To Me Croco That was That Went By Me, What It Is You

"I will not question again why these things are happening, we are doing it, for to prove."

To Do, Created A New Website, Opened The Paradigm and Put Two Minuttes Into It

The Band Was Ivory White, A Man Jumped Off A Building One Thousand Feet Tall, At

That Height The Masonry Shutters, The Staff Was Whom And I Smoked U, Was It The

One Whom Left It There Or Picked It Up And How Long Had It Been Leaning Because

There Was A Grave In A Graveyard Back Then With Me That Secret Catch That Scratched

Back I Just Was I Just Did And The Second T, He Did It For A Friend It Was Me Who Cut The

Light Down And Ran All Over Town Redding Red Rites Redaily Then It Was Ken He Wrote

Take A Pen And Napping In Psyhlo Was An Old Man Whom Fell In A Shoeboat It Was Float

Floated By The Time You Were Three From The Top Or From The Green It was Red All Over

He Shot Himself In The Lounge Before He Shot Himself In The Clwd She Was Soking It Was

A Joke I Am Lifting Words From The Paige She Said Lines Vainglorious Slave And That Is

When I Thought Of It Again It Was A Ivory White Night In The Cold Moonlight And There

Is A Thought Again Peter Actually Bent It In The Fourth Dimensions And Jason Might Have

Serated It Again Chopping Chop Waiting To Be Fed A For Infinity Capturing Hideous Reality

Check Again Who Hid In The Coffee It Was Oombe Goombie And I Was Drinking T Back

Then With THe Milk aAnd The Stones And It was a Awesome Toss Em Off The ROof There

Is A Doulbe There Was A Colour Of A Horse It Felt Different To Think True There Was An

At Obey, there was a dollar made, he made it himself just like you did. Signed with love.

My Name Is A Swastika I Am Happy Hannuchauka More FighT Club More Fish On Ice Was

A Hanging On The Wallprint Painted Black Like A Dolop Couldnt Remember The Name If

I Tried It Was Like Yeah Right It Was LIke Alright Alright It Was Named By WHo I dont Know

Who It Was There Couldnt Remember The Stairs Trying To Forget And Remember At THe

Same Time Far Way Back IN This Story I Was There I heard Them They WEre Good It was

A Thing Only Men Say It Was Tehm They Were Fencing In The Woods Before Then It Was

Metla Torn By THe pEtshoppe Whom Could It Havce been and why where, twas my heart

And I Started To Learn Again About All The Things That Are AH It is the tarantuale I was

Sleeping on the floor again next to Poe, I sat there thinking these children singing really

Are making this rid of me devirly somewhere within my mind I keep trying to see what was

it is that, the if you don't stop, questioning yourself about things in the past, then you won't

Have anything to write about yet, these pages break windows these blocks they are silent

Lest you lift them with feeling, feeling strong, what was the song, lost it before i knew it was

Twas i in the pond there witha WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY ABOUT ME, call it not, if...

Three Black Clandenestine Candles, and a Bow with Two Arrows, all i know it thery

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