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I Saw It There

In the hollow of a tree by down by the roots just above the forest floor covered in snow

The reflection of the wading pool before the dream creates strife in the desert, a mirror

Was it, deep in the hollow of a tree down by the roots just above the where the snow

Meets the leaves, past where the feather, black, was left on the stone of the totem pole

Who is it who left it there, like the black feather left on the trail that led to the ice laid pond

Was it the shadow dancing in front of me, was it then, the scales, that reflection in the black

Of night, that was thought, once, to be alive, was it then, standing there at the tree thinking

What is it going to be then, aye, Left or Right, and the gargoyle holds in the palm of his what

His claws, his hands, his paws, are demons dogs are gargoyles frogs is the toad hopping no

It rides, seeing all within the hollow of a tree like a basket shouldered and carried by a theif

The Mountain speaks in ways, was just the beginning of the walk with Death round the trail

It is all backwards then, it was all, and always will be true, the moment was, she was smiling.

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