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I Forget

in a vision talking vast things enraged in the mind of what once was and what shall be could

not find solid ground for somewhere to be more and more being taken away from me it is as

if these walls move hardly they do talk, unless, spiraled thumbs make gypsy earthquakes for

the spirits to walk upon it was just a moment ago that i heard a bee buzz by my ear sitting

here thinking bullet points and listing off more than enough doubts and far far away many

a question in the brain pulling on the cords of heart strings playing straight the grimoires

crooked mastery plucks notes handwritten cursives burden shaking at the stalks the stem

when it is I shall eat it then, these words, spilling forth from broken hands far too old these

ancient things tapping away just to keep time from getting to the centre being couldst eye

for thee number them all for each quickly now found out how to be nought and furthermore

how to move around a dashing curved blade swinging from the rope straying at the weight

while the dance continues on without me somewhere far far away in a place i will never be

twirl away and twist the gate made for the date a cage of flames i swear when i saw that

there that image created by a photo always taken just for the sake of creation in and of it

the self, that there, i said, ah, finally found out exactly where we left it then, that living soule

privat privvy to onslaughters of senses exploding like seasons corrupt all at once and o so so

dramatic to the touch where it is that sound that sound that sizzled ice melts at the thought

what, heart, what more bitter a taste than every place sat preparing the table set for a candle

and wherefore unto the match! how striking it is the lightning it hits and, before we knew it

there there, that flame arisen, sitting there at the table of forbidden fruits marked for sin and

left for chaos, let the ashes settle it and charge it to the spines torn from each the books laid

open wings empty words speaking fluent meadows eternal spring forever flowing into all so

meander the meadow doll, pluck the roses guts to each thy hearts delightful thought, for a

word so engulfed in flames i couldn't make out the textual circumfrance of a spiralling name

made out to be masked as a theif jumping clean off the chair tilted by the heel of the muddy

boots, left track marks all along the entire carpet, I see it, there is the proof and at the noose

the bell rings the mechanism lifts from the button pressed beneath the right leg in the back

crashing through the glass that gypsy man that princely fiend! madness ensured to be there

in on one of these the endless pages torn from out each the books piled round the corpses

three from the baskets spilled the gems them, all jewels alike, all shining from the fire made

it is a cruel design this the carpet, twas like a labyronth for the face deep placed neatly upon

the mantle pieces of the memory breaking up the glass menegerie couldst get lost in all the

shining reflections made like colours furiously invigorating the paint spilled greyscaled shift

held by the foot hanging at the precipice whilest that wicked fiend that monk in monks robe

pulls out the carpet from beneath the jewely lay all light beams shimmering in angles display

feathered out the spread of it thick like painted drip from dropping through the open door

in the floor, how, you feind, you absolute fool! that key, that scene, the painted masses are

drowning in their tears, all the diamonds covered blood inspired wine rings on the fire red

from lighting the edge of the manuscript i said it! i say it again, there is a place I know where

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