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Prometheus there so chained to the stone by neck and wrist and anklet

Face toward the sun and from up above the body spread open to the elements

Sitting beside the soul aligns ever watching the body take ever one more breath

Beneath a tree the soul in peace with peaceful lands descending round the mask

And so the scene is set and a conversation ensues and the characters themselves

"All of them, Prometheus, every single one." She says leaning against the stone

Opening eyes and constant re-aligning spines all click and return to shifting space

Itself alive in time all revolving in serpentine stillness and in every face a tongue

Lashes opening up the vicious eyelids of consciousness once in the burning forest

Lay open to the stream "Prometheus, what is it thou art here for." She says leaning

Against the stone and in trying to speak the mouth opens to the all encompassing

Force of a black night tunneling into the mind through the empty holes in the skull

All bending branches turn and twist and spiraling into the orifices the fire taking to

Igniting within all possibilities art thou what it is to begin revelation in coded script

"Prometheus," She says, "what is thy focus." Against the stone, she leans in, and

All the mind exploding at every end of each part a hand and ever a hand returning

All giving and at once all is given and to choose yet one piece of the infinite structure

Is to lose the rest so devised as stars are to fall one hand to catch the spark just one

Of every thought and memory just one in the vast expanse of nothing just one caught

Spark of the exploding self to then breath again and the heart and the seed and the

Tree grows through and through straight through the body chained to the stone and

Beneath the tree the soul is resting just to catch for a moments sleep the dream ever

Returning and running away into the burning forest to be free to be one in burning

At every broken end and for a moment just to be in love and fall from heights distinguished

Home back to the consciousness chained to the stone, "Prometheus, why art thou so."

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