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Horse Bones

I used to wish like I was praying, I used to pray like I was knocking on wood

I used to knock on the door, when, I live here for goodness sakes, he raked

The leaves of the passing train, hard to catch like fire flames from burning

I invocations in the graveyard again beneath the ocean, you're digging up

I at one and the same time beneath a church, remember, when the back room

Wasn't just for stow-aways, where is my keepsake, now I sing like a prayer and

Pray like an Indian looking at a map of The Diamond Sutra, there were alot of

Other symbols carved into my bible belt back then, I couldn't remember them

All if I tried, I couldn't read a rite from a leftist independent, far too long he held

The gun to my head while the shadow watched to make sure the hairpin set it

Straight, what, hear that, one day at a time, listen, to yourself listening to yourself

the moment when you think you know something and the moment when you lost

there is a lot of things you do and alot of things you don't,

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