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He Knew

I had to buy wallpaper for that video i made with the paint and we were driving, in his car, and we went to the wallpaper store and he said 'good choice' actually i made that up what

he did say was "you know I'm not just a car to drive you around to do your chores right." and

you know what i didn't have any friends at school til i met the boner crew skating on the ledge and we met through the higgs boson shred sesh and we were supposed to play ping

pong and that was what we did we played ping pong for awhile and then the ping pong

tables were one and i had a bike that i rode home that summer and i fixied that bike up nice

and it was only one year spent at wagshort but it kept repeating again and again and we kept getting older and climbing steps looking for the manager of the set and we walked to

class through three feet of snow everyday that part is actually true have you been to the

pottery workshoppe and the wood working class i made a lion that rotatio on a screw spiral

i carved out of wood and the lion would move back and forth forever you just had to keep

walking and we skated alot and i did some drawings in charcoal of a master skull and ill never know and ill never go and ill never show and ill never roll and ill never throw a glass

bottle at the imaginary wall in the imaginary fight we had just the night last and ill always

give and ill always be and ill always say im sorry and ill always speak clearly as i can and

ill always have these pewter dragons until I give them to my friends and ill always remember

all the days i spent working i may not remember them all but boy i will try because every

hour spent in the light is another goodbye another missed flight of the hawk god beneath

summer's sun drifting off in thought proccessing computer blood for rainbow keys in print

class with the first friend i met and i cant remember anything anyone said and i cant remember anything anyone did and i cant believe we didn't make more jams and i cant be

happy with what happened and if i could only spin just one more time Id catch that saw

blindfolded or not straight between the teeth smiling for a sweet singularity the colours in two glass globes smashing and im still sitting cross legged on the floor staring at the drip

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