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Happens Forever

maybe its too scary for people to think about, its too scary for me already

maybe its too unfathomable that something so simple would become such

a seriously far-reaching problem in the forsee-able future, maybe its out

of our hands and any resemblance of the past and any escape should be

rejoiced with what little of a connection we have left at least we have that

i'd like to say that when i was happy with what i had, and happy to be left

left alone, the world hardly existed at all anymore, and i could relax, but

that would be to say that i didn't somehow set out upon this path without

wanting to make a difference in myself, and allowing the world to witness

what difference it would be, and who could have guessed where we would

be now, the fact of the matter is, a lot of people could have guessed, and

probably even more have known, exactly what it is, exactly where it'd go

and, by all means, and in every way, it seems to me, it is either up to us to

make a difference, or we have lost all control, and whatever happens now

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