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Hand Me A Tie

so i was in that phase of being really depressed about not knowing what to do without a life and i was like alright ill just do heroin all the time that's for something so i dwindled my revolutions down to about one doughnut on one day per week plus two for withdrawlinng before i scooted back the carseat and skidadled into the arms of my main man big brother then i would spend three days getting petted by two emotional women long past stopping for their age and they were always boiling cauldrons and thworing things into the air and we were scared and then id drive backwards to wall king and write sentences i had to use exactly the right blade wrought from the throimein evan collected at the top of the further peak past the further est and he would chip it with the chippy put put i swear high school sweat just tastes different when its too young to care stil;l breathing fresh wares i didnt even know aliens existed until they showed up on my front lawn past the back yard where the stream is where i cleaned my sole from the thick mud of childhood's regret could go on for a numberless day of the insanities of thong strings and when mandy taught me how to ctrl alt dlt a bra clip the and with the lippy thing an abundance of dying minds free find me a graver im flying we smoked weed out of the plastic bottle and an iron key in the treehouse behind the air conditioned sliding glass door and ther was bubbling gum in the cauldron at the shore and we would talk about the way things are not how they could be we would talk about the girls and how sweet it is to be loved by you walking to the store open basement for another nights go round just slappin the clown and spitting pretty colours for sound whats a vibe hand me a tie there was something i wanted to write but i lost it so i was in that phase of being really depressed at college and i found out wilkie loved icarly just as much as i did we were like dude you watch icarly two no definitely not just that one clip in the front

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