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Great White Hype

thats exactly when we set the coach on fire and burnt the garage down

after the guy in the closet with the .22 rifle shot john in the chest we lit

the coach on fire that we just got from somebodies moms house and

flooded the basement turning on every flosscet and letting them run

just for fun and when john got shot i gave him back his french kicks cd

that he lent to me and i made a button on a pin with my button pin press

and it was of the first nude self taken picture ever taken of a girl for the

first time ever and it was taken with a flip phone so we set the couch on

fire and we filmed that as the introduction to a video of a rack of ribs

and in midi the soundtrack to I am the walrus and the garage burned

down and our friends mom read my tarot cards and i took her little brothers

out one night and we spray painted stuff and i wrote fuck the hype on a

billboard at night above the street by the overpass and her brothers and

their delinquent friend smashed the gumball machine by the barber shop

and stole all the candy but let the quarters and because of that their friends

dad thought i was trying to molest them and i ran over a picnic bench and

sent a letter into a collapsing hallway where on my flip phone someone sent

me the first nude ever taken ever before by anyone in the whole world and

so we set the garage on fire and sat on a sofa seat and listened to the sound

of fire burning and we smoked cigarettes and sometimes we smoked clovers

and i've never found a four leaf clover before but i keep looking sometimes

just kidding i don't keep things like that and also i dont have that one great

song or the freakin jennie cd anymore but i did have it for a long long time

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