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to the thousand petaled fall, the floating flower bed comes down, each a petal plucked

each an adoration, every one the question of love, not every petal falls as a leaf does fall

nor as the sand collapses into itself, again and again and again, could find myself a grave

the throws of the quick devouring, lost in the absence of the presence of God, lost without

the tether, lost in finding forever is yet not out of hand, how much sand, how much more

the weight, how much more the length of the hallway ist but a distance of the date, of

having nought else much more than havings havings, of nought to do, reinterpret the

meaning of madness yet definition, define thyself, to find thyself within you, o mask,

o mask, your wicked fiendish laugh, wherefore has it been to thee, running just to catch

the stolen sound, the thief at heels end, round thy circle did we dance, and round thy

frame, find thyself chasing the laugh again, where are you in this maze, where are you

in the labyrinth, echo it does the serpents tongue, louder than a heartbeat, in way too

deep, the mind couldnt hold, lost in the ancient grip of snakes, all serpentine round

the move, move she did, and within, the temple opened quick the sword cuts, to view

flourish does the scales round the aethyrs still existence, yet to be, a captive to thee

captivating it is, in the mirror just to convey versions, second hand epiphany, second course

we've yet to reach the table, yet to reach the gate, yet unto wisdom's parchment, unraveling

at the flick of the wrist, and just as quick, to paint the honored script thou cannot see,

thou cannot believe she was ever there and gone again, a mirage it twas, a trick of the

mask, revealing certainly, a dream, a meditation upon the concept of the true belief.

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