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Friend of Death

all is the past in the past, all the facets within the diamond angle, every reflection oft every

mask is the sacred light from the sacred candle, carried unto the doorways torch, the wax

far gone and melted, the shadow of the black light is introverted introspection, which mask

againe, tell me face in the mirror, what is it that thou doth see, cracked tooth ideology and

follow suit skin, egg shelf, just another consciousness I once was, just another staring contest

spiral does the scenery, shift, control, deletion, what is left but I, what is left yet the beautiful

reflection peering into thine own eyes, the memory of what the future could be, hopeful and

masking the true belief, my fears, and my own hindrances, the dance oft time, could I so love

again, never again, could I so believe, that what is left round the mask is thou, thou wicked

fiend, he takes to the stage in my place so invariably, I canst leave, hold, hold, thou wheel

thou ship is the great storm of enlightenment, terribly tearing up the placid sea, all, shift,

and bend, flip, and separate again, thousands of drops of dew, a thousand and one, a dew

drop smitten, the shadows beneath the surface of the masked enterprise, float dost thee

through waters deep, or dost thou swim, dost thou see now, depth is something else

there is light, and there is night, and there is infinity, nothing more, nothing less, never

again to question where thou dost exist, deep within the hidden core of the apple is

a tree, and from that tree, the leaves of new dawn, and the sacred light of true love

it isn't the darknesses one does bask in that creates the depth, it is the reason one aligns

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