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for the fog

i still dont know what the people online are saying

when i was inline skating

i said no thanks

Is Exactly What I Was Saying

there were two of them back then, One Was Death

because now i remembered three times there

Now a Fourth Mind in the Five Realms Of Swallowing

Where Do The Things In The Mind Arise From

When They Are Things You Dont Want To THink

They Are The Things Going Further Downstream

And Thats What Exactly And When It Was The First Eclipse

It Is A lot Of Tumbling Things Like Hands Movement Crawling Down

A Stairset In Front Of thE Building In Eighth Grade By The Sign

When The Klu Klux Klan Ghosted Me Beacuse I was Getting A nosey

Bagel At the Best Breakfast Place In Town

Things Get Around And Things Go Up And Never Come Back Down

Coming Around Again The Grand ALignment That Pyramid Was A Divorce

I swear it was a run around that sounds like a ringing bell that sounds like Silver Drops

Of Dew Drops Of The Falls Of The Hot Spring Like Boys Will Be Boys Will Be

writing things in books written for me to say back to me, i didn't remember it he wrote

it best, he's got all the pictures and i doubt he published them i wouldn't know

he's got all the models in teh world still in the box in the shed that doubled itself

too exposed too exploded out in the eyelids turning in hell i swear it looked like i was

there next to him sitting in the darkness with another man standing next to him in

the abyss looking GRAND, was it myself, was i there in two places at one in the same

time, was it also eye, the one sitting in the corpses retribution, wherefore all things look

like the moment it happens exanding and explaining the moment it did, tim was just a kid

and he laughs like he did back then, he can explain everthing about a a thumbprint on a

beach and that was slicker, pointing in joints for rehearsal, for when the show really begins

has it ended then it barely was a one to one itself with a two and a three and it wasn't me

it was she she was biting my hand she was calling herself my friend speaking to herself in

a garden she left him a note i don't remember how it goes he opened it it bled and she

set it on fire i swear i swan, that is when you are born swimming in the bodies at the bottom

of the pond, one day i was there it was morning i swear it twas i, stadning there on the dock

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