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For A Poem That Should Have Been

A lot of things happened in between all of that time between when I was there and when

I was here again, it was like I was in two differently different places doing one and the same

Thing thinking about a tiger going I was thinking I was just three and then I went back to four

I would say, i wrote it down on a closet door in a curious cabinet, I watched the zine get past

A lot of things before, I honestly don't know if it happened or not or if it always was the plot

Could have happened a lot more times, could have been one and the same, for her alone it

Twas a mystery and it is history and it just ham, that was urban lunchmeat, it was seven ate a

sixer for a high five kid, it is 5:52 but it is 5:54 and when I was 17 i saw a girl in a lab, and we

brought it back to the fact that what it could have been and what it looked like and what it

probably is, that is the goat hanging, there is a moose somewhere praying with a turtle snap

I couldn't go back if i tried in seventh grade i made a grenade once it had a bong with it

back then they were caps I was just thinking about that it was a dream it was a zine inside a

dream there it was again the flipping pages for aces the alignement I was on a desk I was

trying to remember if i ever did anything like that carving my name into things all over town

can't remember when it was I missed a golden grill, he said to me, have you seen that show

it is called golden girls, I missed it, it was just a wish inside a bullet my dad lit with his tongue

who knew the reflection of three black candle slices are a gold table with a candalabras

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