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so i didn't save the one half of the beer i just drank it

so what is considered the morning for the next one i

swear im not an alcoholic sometimes i just hate food

so what about a million other things i didnt do in life

like i should have so what i should have done a lot of

things i shouldn't think about anymore so what i know

i should have done so many things i shouldnt want to

and at that i didn't because i didn't care and so what

i still don't care but i can't help think that it would have

been fun but i think i still would have just wound up as

empty as i was and as cranky as i am and another cup

of a coffee in the morning another grey sunset lets just

start calling sunrises sunsets and sunsets sunrises just

for fun because nothing even matters here in beneath

the grey sunset and guess what i found a new crooked

wand in the lawn and the only crystals i have around now

are quartz crystals about a wisdom stick and on the wisdom

stick is a green glass marble and i have a very large purple

cats eye and a raptor's claw and a shark's tooth and a small

compass that says all who wander are not lost that my uncle

gave me but i swear it says well it says something different

but thats between me and him and i have an empy bottle

of whiskey that we drank while we were painting the ole'

house red and in the box of the last remaining objects are

some books and some sticks and a picture frame with a

portrait of george washington in it and a dragon's egg and

a candle stick and i cant remember what else i just wrote

that by memory and also there is a little corner house

that you put in the corner of your house that is a model

of a house that is shaped like a corner is shaped to put on

the shelf on the corner of the shelf in the house and also

my spider is growing up so quick the web has spread and

i scared the spider the other day by accident and it ran away

and hid behind the philosopher's stone but now the spider

is back to being out and about and you can actually see the

legs now and in the book i'm reading there is a book mark

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