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just one more word, just one more night, just one more on into life

i just want one more go at it all, just one more mistake, one more

laugh, one more stifling disaster, one more gong, one more writhing

serpents speech, one more ferocious foreverlasting thing, just one

more song, one more note, one more into life to loathe, one more

hour, one more to say, one more helplessly floating array of colours

dripping, dropping, drips, and drops it does and fall it did, leaves of

immaculate rainbow trees, the golden fruit, the endless kiss, though

beneath the golden tree i found, there was no rainbow fruit, there was

a seed of thought beneath a tangled root, and from the root pulled i i

did the seed of enlightenment out, a paper folded neatly, smelling of

incense, dirty from the trail of tears, marked with lead and soil and soot

i can remember almost exactly the feeling of when the tree caught me

i can remember almost exactly how it is i sat beneath the golden leaves

i can remember almost exactly my friend sitting there next to me, and

i can remember the timeless existence of life, evermoreso free, just

moments before upon the mountain, breathing in the air, finding all

to be nothing more than the flowers in her hair, finding all so vastly

unnoticed, without care, without distress, and also knowing now what I

knew then, that the full spectrum of colours in my eyes he said is exactly

what it meant, twin rainbow flames within, burning just for enlightenment

now caught the wicked winged sphere, seeing the light for what it is

never shall I know what the sentence was, never shall I again see the feast

though there are new hopes, new dreams, new desires, new fantasies

from old fires made, old fires deep within somewhere just waiting to be

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