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Eternal Tower

at best, i can barely listen to the music without muting the tv

at worst, i can hardly listen to the voices speaking

one more beer to level out the caffeine

its difficult for me to see everything

to be anything less then a mis-

leading cornerstone to

build the temple


thats not how it goes

we all lift the stone and carry it around and we say to each other

this cornerstone of the none existent temple, this is it

this is happiness, this is love, this is it, it is

God knows i sound absolutely negative to the polarity of existence

Why cant you just be happy with what it is and focus on

Something other than anything besides what is it, this overarching

Degree of insanity, believe me, I can laugh, I can smile, I can

I can have fun, but at some point you just have to laugh at horror of it all

All the cornerstones round the tower stairs

All the stairs to fall

All in the name of love

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