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Empty The Seas / Dry Land

Death to the common way we walk the earth

we shall with blissful congregation sing ourselves into a frenzy

Death to the common way we talk the worst

we shall with evenings counsel discourse ourselves into a church

Death to the common way we grain the field

we shall with broken hands blistering dig deeper into dirt

Death to the common way we allow the shpeal

we shall with straightened backs be tied unto the heaviest chair

Death to the common way we refuse to see

we shall with wide open eyes be given unto the awful beliefs

Death unto the common way we allow to grow

we shall with promised obliteration of what it is that we think we know

Die unto everyday again risen against the clock

we shall walk the common way back to the ancient home we have forgot

Die unto everything again returns against the rock

we shall talk the common way like we did back then man to man, friend to friend

Die unto everyone again revolving against the spin

we shall grain the field the common way as it is up to how the farmer feels

Die unto everyway again repoised against the wall

we shall allow them all to make their plea upon the stage of blasphemy and

We shall die in laughter at the thought that anyone is actually serious about anything

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